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Why- Greens ayurkart?

Priority & attitude- everything changed during /after this life threatening pandemic – the entire world eagerly looking for the best option to attain the perfect, safe health.

Ayurveda is the only science which gives equal importance to preventive and promotive health even while treating a disease.

You have different choices in Wellness- but ayurveda – the natural and time tested system of medicine will taking care of the need of the hour 

Greens Ayurveda is an internationally renowned Ayurveda hospital and Study center, situated Azhiyur, Kozhikode- dist Kerala, India. Since 2000 onwards- we treat patients and spread ayurvedic knowledge globally.  To satisfy our patients/ students and well wishers need for quality products and herbal preparations- We create this on line platform. 

Here at Greens ayurveda pharmacy; we manufacture majority of the pure classical ayurveda combinations with healing touch.

Our strength

Globally we have hundred thousands of happy & satisfied healed patients, students and well wishes.

We – Team Greens ayurveda is very grateful to our Greens Global  Family /community for your continuous support and your prayer.

Welcome to a place where we strive towards the Ayurvedic Philosophy of achieving “perfect health”. Team Greens Ayurveda contribute to an unforgettable experience in authentic, attentive, and professional care- well-trained doctors and staff

We focus to rejuvenate and preserve the health of the healthy and alleviate the diseases of the sick.”

Ayurveda is the science, which uses the inherent principles of nature, to eliminate the diseases and protect the health of a person by keeping the individual’s body, mind and spirit in perfect equilibrium with nature. 

Customer Support – We care about our customers and strive to make your experience with us the best ever. We are available all of 7 days of a week for any questions and problems



Whatsapp/ Signal.(+916235724334)


Email greensayurveda@gmail.com

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