Chyavanaprasam 500gm


Well-known Rasayanam: To purify and develop the seven constituent tissues of the body to gain youth and vitality.  It is consumed everyday by millions of people in India by all age groups. Its main function is to improve digestion and respiration and very rich in vitamin c.  It relieves constipation and a powerful immune booster.  Slow down the aging process, eliminate toxins and beneficial to liver, leading to stronger bones and teeth.

Usage:  Adult: 10 -15 gm, Children: 5- 10 gm

 2 times a day followed by hot milk  

Main Ingredient

Dasamoola ( 10 herb group), + 32 other herbs including aswagada,  draksgha, satavari, guduchi, jeeraka, yashtimadu, musta, jeevaka, etc honey, ghee,  jagerry, coconut oil in a special mode of lehy a preparation.

Weight 0.515 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 11.25 cm


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